Peeling as a bonus!

The massage is not only a pleasant process, but  also very useful. The use of massage is truly multifaceted and complex. Massage has a positive effect on the skin, muscles, joints, and circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and respiratory system.

The hotel "Hyundai" informs all fans of this treatment about a special offer! Buy the certificate for 4 massages and get 1 peeling as a bonus!

Details by phone +7 (423) 240-72-50


Hyundai Hotelは、“アエロフロート・ボーナスプログラム”キャンペーンの パートナーです。

“アエロフロート・ボーナスプログラム”キャンペーン実施中!!! Hyundai Hotelで泊まられるだけでボーナスマイル貯蓄

Guided tour for participants of program "Useful vacation"